Florida here we come!

  Crazy that in just a few short weeks we will be back in Florida. I’m excited for our new adventure but sad we are leaving the concrete jungle. I really do love all that New York had and still has to offer but it just wasn’t the same without our family here to enjoy it. I know a lot of my friends that are living away from their families and are making it work but I have realized I need to be close to them. We have friendships here we will miss and memories that will forever be etched in our hearts but it’s time to go back to our family.

Before I leave I think it would be best to list what I will miss living in New York. 

  1. The change of seasons especially the fall. The brisk air, beautiful scenery and how it just makes every holiday feel right.
  2. The ability to walk to the store and get things instead of driving everywhere.
  3. My kids being exposed to the culture rich areas like museums, fairs and parks.
  4. The pizza and Italian ices 
  5. The pumpkin patches             
  6. Snow (sounds crazy but it’s going to be missed)    
  7. Getting on the train to go in the city
  8. Our neighbors 
  9. Friends from church
  10. The corner store
  11. The 99 cent store
  12. The daycare my youngest boys have gone to they both have been there since they were both 3 months old so they have become family.

But most of all our apartment we have lived in for the past 4 1/2 years because it has brought us so many blessings. I gave birth to our last boy in this place and they have taken their first steps here.  My oldest started school here and my hubby and I grew here. We work as a team now and have learned to count on each other for so much.  


Leaving New York is so bittersweet. I’m going to miss it terribly but I’m excited for what the future holds. I’m embarking in a new journey of homeschooling and starting a business venture that both scares the crap out of me and excites me. I’m ready and I can’t wait to share what I can with you all as we move on to our next adventure.
So farewell concrete jungle and hello humid but sunny Florida.

Love from the concrete jungle…


    Day 8: Music

    Sept 8th: Music that moves you. Are you a Spotify addict or a Pandora guru? Tell us your favorite artists/stations!

    I love music. I am pretty eclectic when it comes to my music choices but for the most part I listen to praise and worship. I understand how music can influence us and I prefer to keep my focus on my Creator. Now don’t get me wrong I will from time to time listen to other music because like I said I love music. Currently my middle son is very big into music so much so that he will go onto our phones and got to the YouTube and app and finds the songs he likes. Please understand he is only 1 ½ and navigates the phone like nothing I have seen before. His collection is probably better than mine. His current favorite is a Black Eyed Peas song and he will perform the whole video for you! That boy is amazing.

    I use Pandora for the most part when it comes to listening to streaming music but I normally just listen to what I already own. My favorite stations on Pandora range from Hillsong to Bachata artist. I have just about every station genre.

    Jamming in the concrete jungle…

    Day 6: Life as usual

    Sept 6th: A “currently…” post. Tell us what you’re loving, hating, reading, eating, etc.

    Currently I am super busy trying to get into the routine of being a mom of three boys. It has not been easy going back to work while my boys are in daycare and school. My dream and vision would be to be a stay at home mom or even a work at home mom is fine with me. I just miss being with my crazy and wild boys. I just keep reminding myself this is what is necessary for now and to enjoy the moments I do have with them.

    I’m loving the fact I am successfully breastfeeding, with the inability to do it the first time, the fact I can makes me so happy. I don’t mind giving them formula if I have to, but I Iove the moments I have with my baby boy. It is just awesome and I know I will have a hard time when I have to give it up. So I am just holding on to these moments; however long it lasts.

    I also love the fact that I was able to give birth at home. It was a wonderful experience and I wouldn’t trade for the world. Was it painful…YES but childbirth is and I just had to literally and figuratively push through it.

    I hate that insurance companies won’t cover homebirths and now I have to fight to get the money owed to the wonderful women who helped me.

    Really to sum it up I am just trying to find my groove since going back to work.

    Love from the concrete jungle….

    My Posts Lately

    I am so bummed and upset. My computer did not send my draft for Day 5 and 7 so I only have Day 6 and 8. I really can’t stand when things like this happen. Day 5 was a great post and I can’t even remember half of what I wrote so instead of trying to catch up I am just going to post the ones that saved and start from today on. Enjoy the post I was able to salvage and what I will write in the up coming days.

    Love from the concrete jungle…

    Day 4: Fashion Trends

    Sorry that I haven’t been doing the challenge every day as I had hoped but my laptop has decided to bid its farewell and so the only place I can do this on currently is my phone. And honestly it is not the same and extremely time consuming. So it has taken me quite some time to get these posts out.

    I am already a week behind so I am going to do my nest to catch up.

    Sept 4th: Pick a fashion trend you love and a fashion trend you hate. Win us over!

    If throwing your hair in a messy bun and making sure what you are wearing is not covered in spit up then yeah my fashion expertise is just not there. I envy those moms who seem to have it all together with their fashionable outfits and their kids all dressed cute and here I am hoping my kids don’t look like they have been fending for themselves for quite some time. I just don’t know how they do it but they do it and so I know it is possible just trying to figure out how I can. The crazy thing is I really enjoy fashion not as much as my best friend Lina who I am sure could spout of designers and latest fashion trends as easily as I could spout of my go to baby items. I just can’t find the time for it with my busy life and lack of funds.

    I have decided that this year I want to take better care of me and get back into looking like a woman not just a mom. With that being said my go to fashion trend for the fall are scarves. I love that you can wear them all types of ways and the different fabric choices and colors well they just make me happy. They are a great finishing touch to an outfit and depending on how big they can also be a great cover for this breastfeeding mama. Then when I think of my kids I’m loving handmade items from the leggings, to harem pants, hand-printed tees, moccs and head wraps. I have become slightly obsessed with Instagram shops and have found some great items from some great moms. Makes me want to get back to my creative roots and contribute to this wonderful world of moms supporting moms. Who knows maybe in a year or less I will be selling my handmade items for others to enjoy.

    As for what I don’t like well that would have to be see through leggings. I don’t want to know what kind of underwear you are or are not wearing. It’s just gross and really not appropriate attire. I understand they are comfortable but they also make leggings with thicker material and listen here shirts long enough to cover your hiney so let’s be wise when wearing such item.

    Trendy love from the concrete jungle…

    I also have included some of the shops I am in love with below so feel free to check them out. I have tons more but these are the ones I currently have purchased from or am going to purchase from soon.

    IG name:                                website:

    HauteandDapper                     hauteanddapper.storenvy.com

    RiverBabeThreads                  riverbabethread.bigcartel.com

    Sewittybittydesigns                 Sewittybittydesigns.storenvy.com

    Shop Jumping jack                 Jumpingjackjack.etsy.com

    Bannor toys                             Bannortoys.com

    Little adventures apparel    etsy.com/shop/thelittleadventures

    knit3purl3shop                       Knit3purl3.com

    Swanky shank LLC               swankyshank.com

    Shop_tknd                            thekidsnextdoor.etsy.com

    Day 3: When I grow up…

    Sept 3rd: “When I grow up I want to be….” Feel free to answer as your 5-year-old self or as of now.

    When I was 5 years old I wanted to be a teacher and mom. I remember playing school with my sister and teaching her the ABC’s. I would then go home and take care of kids(dolls) and of course I was married to a famous movie star.  As I grew up that desire slightly changed to lawyer because according to my family I was a natural at winning an argument or at least trying to. It’s funny how when each year passes your view of what you want to be changes. I eventually went to college unsure but still went in the direction of teaching but I’m still not teaching. There are days that teaching is what I can see myself doing but then there are days where I can only see myself staying home with my boys. Everyday changes for me but my  dreams and life aspirations remain somewhat constant. Some of my biggest dreams and ideas of who I want to be when I grow up are a doula, midwife, singer, dancer, teacher, writer, SAHM, small business owner and not necessarily in that order but I want to do so much. I learned though being any of those things without Him are futile and not filled with peace or joy.

    I have placed my dreams and aspirations in God’s hands these days because I really don’t want to just exist in this world but I want to leave a footprint that others will still see when I am gone. If that footprint is in the hearts of my boys and they then affect the lives of others so be it. I just don’t want to live in the what ifs or what could be or even what I think should be. I want to live in the now and listen to the voice who called me to greatness. To be ready to change the my profession with what fits me at each moment of my life. Today I work at a lab while being a mom and wife. Tomorrow who knows but the one thing I do know is that any and every opportunity I’m given I will do my best. I also know that the dreams I’ve been given will come to pass I just need to be patient and trust that the work He is doing in me is not finished. Right now I am where I need to be and I still have time to become so much more.

    Side note: I like to see what my oldest son will say when this question is asked of him in a few years because as of right now he wants to be a zookeeper.

    Growing up in the concrete jungle…


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    Day 2


    Sept 2nd: Write about what makes you happy, from the little joys to the huge game-changers.

    I am caught up…lol I know it was only a day but I hate being behind on things. So day 2 is about the things that make me happy from the simplest of things to the major things. Here it is my happy list…

    My hubby
    My boys
    Hearing my oldest and middle son play with each other
    Waking up to kisses from my little ones
    My baby’s breath…May seem strange but it just does
    Pumpkin Spice lattes
    New pens
    Being able to breastfeed
    Traditions for the holidays
    Worship music
    My nieces and nephews especially my little girls who have overcome so many obstacles
    My Goddaughters
    Group Me messages with my close friends
    Text messages from my friends
    A new purse

    I could go on forever but I will end it there. Ultimately my friends and family make me the happiest because well they are just pretty darn awesome!

    Love and Happiness from the concrete jungle…